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One Vision Green Production

For more than 30 years, greenhouses on One Vision's Clear Lake campus were used to grow starter plants and garden produce which were then sold at the General Store or consumed among the campus’ 10 cottages. Individuals supported by OV often received job training in the greenhouses, learning soft skills while earning wages. 

In recent years, prompted by a goal for the organization to be less reliant on Medicaid funding, OV leadership examined Green Production operations to determine if it was feasible to turn the department into a more profitable venture by elevating it from a service to a business model.

After undergoing this transition, Green Production has vastly expanded its presence in North Iowa retail settings, selling seedlings, plants, flowers, vegetables, produce, and others offerings in a variety of businesses, effectively increasing the amount of revenue generated for One Vision -- revenue used to provide valuable services to individuals supported by our organization. 

And as Green Production operations expand, so will the need for employees. With approximately 80 individuals supported by One Vision interested in community-based employment, shifting Green Production away from prevocational training toward a more business-based model will open several opportunities for these individuals.

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