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One Vision Charitable Foundation

Mission Statement

The Foundation fosters benevolent giving to honor and enhance
the mission of One Vision.



The One Vision Charitable Foundation collaborates with donors to achieve a shared vision: Together we will support individual choice and provide for services that lead to greater purpose and independence for people with disabilities.

The One Vision Charitable Foundation exists to bridge the gap that has been widening over the decades between the cost to provide the range of valuable services we do across 30 communities in North Iowa and Iowa's stagnant reimbursement rate for disability service providers. This nonprofit tax-exempt corporation was established in 2017 to raise necessary funds to bolster the mission and long-term sustainability of One Vision.  


One Vision Charitable Foundation Board of Directors:

Jay LeFevre, President, Clear Lake, IA

Dennis Muyskens, Vice President, Mason City, IA

Matt Ritter, Treasurer, Clear Lake, IA

Steve Schulz, Secretary, Mason City, IA

Matt Berry, Clear Lake, IA
Mark Dodd, Mason City, IA
Mark Feustel, Mason City, IA
Kent Hall, Clear Lake, IA
Dawn J. Johnson, Forest City, IA
Vickie Snyder, Clear Lake, IA
David Steffens, Lake Mills, IA
Marcus Younge, Ventura, IA