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Village to present ‘I AM: The Play’

Individuals supported by Opportunity Village, as well as Village staff and family, will present two special performances Oct. 7 and 9, inviting the community to look beyond appearance and discover what makes us unique.

The Village, in collaboration with Clear Lake’s Blue Horizon Players, will present “I AM: The Play,” a free-to-the-public performance that will take place at the Ventura Community Center at 7 p.m. on Oct. 7 and 2 p.m. on Oct. 9.

The performance will feature two acts as well as cast members from various areas of the Village. A majority of the play was created and written by individuals supported by the Opportunity Village.

Cast members include:

What’s My Line cast
Jacob Anderson, Mason City
Gaylon Cochran, Clear Lake
Nicole Nosbisch, Clear Lake
Patricia Biggs, Clear Lake

Park Bench cast
Brandon Flugum and daughter McKenzie Flugum, Fertile
Pastor Scott Sokol and daughters, Miller
Michelle Niles, Clear Lake
Julie Tofte, Clear Lake
Mystery Man

Three mystery guests -- all of whom are part of the Opportunity Village community -- will also be featured during the performance.

Opportunity Village's I AM project is driven largely by the organization’s Visions group, which is comprised of individuals supported by the Village. The goal of the group is to self-advocate, and the purpose of the project is to help everyone discover who they are beyond appearance, beyond perception, and beyond disabilities. I AM is about defining individual identities and discovering what makes each individual unique.