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The One Vision community supports individual choice by providing services that lead to greater purpose and independence.

3.27.20 Update 


 As we prepare for the days and weeks ahead, we expect that COVID-19 will cause significant disruption to the day-to-day care delivered by One Vision. We have developed a response plan across all locations and programs. Throughout this period, One Vision will continue to deliver care effectively at an individual level, and to contribute positively to overall containment efforts at the societal level. Our Pandemic Planning and Response Team meets daily to ensure that any new guidance and/or directive impacting our prevention and response efforts reach you as quickly as possible. Below is a condensed version of our plan. 

  • All Staff know it is imperative they follow Standard Precautions including, but not limited to, frequent hand washing and disinfecting high touch-point surfaces to curb transmission of this virus. 
  • One Vision has a Centralized Distribution Center for our critical supplies for all of our service areas. 
  • One Vision has set in place a COVID-19 Screening Protocol to use across all settings. This screening has been established for use with visitors, essential vendors, staff and individuals that we support. 
  • One Vision has established a procedure for staff to follow if they are not feeling well for notification of absence. 
  • Procedures are in place for restrictive access in our 24-hour Residential Sites. 
  • Procedures are in place for ensuring services and business critical work force. 
  • One Vision has developed a Quarantine Process Plan in the event of a confirmed positive COVID-19 virus. 

We thank you for your continued care and attention to these matters to ensure the safety of the people we support, our staff, and our communities across North Central Iowa.  

3.20.20 Update 

A Message from Our CEO on COVID-19  

Dear Families and Guardians, 

You have trusted us to care for your loved ones, and we remain dedicated to delivering the same level of care in spite of the current public health threat from COVID-19. While the situation is challenging for everyone, we are confident in our resiliency and ability to honor our commitments to the people we serve, while protecting the health and safety of our workforce, their families, and the larger community.  

For the health and well-being of everyone, we are STRONGLY advising you to NOT visit site homes.  If you do choose to visit despite this request, we STRONGLY ask you to NOT take the person out.  We will be performing screening of all visitors before they will be allowed into the home.  If the visitor screens positive, we will ask they not enter the home and leave.  Also, if you do take a person served out of the home, we will be screening both you and the person served upon return.  If the person served screens positive, we will ask you to take the person home with you for 14-days, so as to not risk infecting others in the home. 

We have been actively monitoring and following the latest guidance from the CDC, WHO, and local health departments where our 30 care sites are located. All employees have been educated on protective measures and the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. In addition, all sites are implementing heightened hygiene and sanitation practices. Non-essential business travel and face-to-face meetings have been restricted, and employees who can work from home have been instructed to do so. We take these steps to limit the exposure of our employees and the people we care for, to keep them healthy and safe.  

We know this is a stressful time, and both you and the people we support want to stay in touch.  We will work with you to find other ways for you to communicate to the best of our ability. 

Although our organization is large, we are also agile, and we are prepared to react quickly as this rapidly developing situation changes. We will remain in close communication with the people we serve and their families, our employees, and with medical professionals as the situation continues to unfold.  

We appreciate you understanding us making these requests and implementing these practices. 


Mark Dodd, CEO 

3.16.20 Update ::  One Vision continues to rely on Iowa Department of Public Health and the Center for Disease Control as our guides for best practices to address the COVID-19 pandemic.  IDPH & CDC has recommended that all long-term care facilities limit visitors to those essential for continuity of care.   This would include employees, as well as other health care professionals.  Family members and other guests are being asked not to visit our ICF licensed homes in Clear Lake, Fort Dodge and Mason City, as well as the Elm Street home in Webster City.  If you are in question about these restrictions, please contact the home by phone prior to a personal visit.  

One Vision employees are asked to refrain from non-essential work related travel such as conferences and trainings.  If cancellation is necessary from these sorts of activities, please inquire about refunds of fees, reservations, etc. 

3.13.20 Update

A Message from our CEO

Dear One Vision Clients, Caregivers, Guardians and Staff, 

The people we support are at the core of everything we do, and in light of the World Health Organization declaring the coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic, our top priority is keeping our clients, employees and communities safe as we continue to closely monitor the situation. 

Our top leaders and healthcare professionals are communicating regularly and are instructing our staff to follow the procedures and guidelines recommended by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) to help stem the spread of COVID-19. 

In response, One Vision is taking the following steps: 

We are providing all our homes and other business locations with the necessary supply of disinfectant materials and hand sanitizer to frequently clean high-touch surfaces to kill germs and ensure a safe environment.  

Per our standard guidelines for all illnesses, staff have been instructed to stay home if they are sick and are experiencing any flu-like symptoms.  Once those symptoms are cleared, including being fever-free for more than 24 hours, they may return to work. 

We want to remind everyone to consult the IDHP website ( for COVID-19 symptom information and request that you follow recommended self-quarantine guidelines if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, no matter how mild.  

Out of an abundance of caution, we are asking that families please consider limiting their visits to One Vision homes. It is important only people in good health (including being fever-free for more than 24 hours) visit for the next 30 days.  If you recently traveled, are exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory illness, or have a fever, we would ask that you postpone your visit until you are feeling well again.  We are happy to arrange phone calls with your loved ones.   

As we all adjust to the new precautionary measures that everyone is taking to help prevent the spread of this virus, we want to reassure you the safety and well-being of the people we serve and our staff continues to be our top priority. 

We are all in this together. That’s what makes the One Vision community so strong and special. Thank you for being a valued member and doing your part in helping our communities be a safer environment. 



Mark Dodd

Chief Executive Officer, One Vision 


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