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When you support these local businesses, you are helping promote diversity inclusion in our community!

Pizza and Praise has returned with Fellowship, Song, Food, and of course... BINGO!! Feel free to contact us if your church is wanting to invite others in, host something similar, or would like to hear how you can best help the people we support in their spiritual journey. 

Because state reimbursement rates have only increased 3.55% (effective July 1, 2021) in the past 30 years, each year, One Vision must make up this growing gap to ensure our employees are paid a fair wage and that the people we support have access to the quality of services and supports they need to live their best person-centered life

Today, Sam enters the CAC’s waiting room, greets his therapists, and settles in behind the Candyland board game. “I’m going to win,” he confidently tells his long-time therapist. “I know you will, Sam. You usually do,” replies Laura Korth, Clinic Director at the CAC. Sam and his family have been making the 44.7 mi trip from their home in Charles City to the Children’s Autism Center in Clear Lake, “since it was Opportunity Village.”

In honor of #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving which took place on November 30 this year, Day Hab took some of their pop can money and donations from staff and purchased items for the Homeless Shelter

Our Golden Heart Winner for November 2021 lives the 4Cs: Community Involvement, Courage, Competency & Courtesy

Joyce has been a volunteer with the Fort Dodge General Store since before it even officially opened. It was 10 years ago when she was looking for something to keep her busy that the opportunity presented itself to Joyce. She had tried some other volunteer positions around the area, but when she heard that a store was opening up in town she knew she had to do it. 

Established in 1971, we have been providing disability services for 50 years. Families that were looking for meaningful lives for their children had conversations that led to the concept of our organization–then named Handicap Village–and the evolution to One Vision. The organization has grown into various services that include independent living, small group settings, supporting children with autism, and employment services.

CQL has a wealth of resources, innovative ideas, and supports to guide One Vision towards organizational growth. CQL will challenge and support us to continue to find those systems and practices that need enhancement to improve services for people. They will also celebrate with us in the accomplishments that are achieved.

The Summer 2021 e-newsletter for families, friends, and supporters of the One Vision community.

Elaine says she never dreamed about moving to Clear Lake, but now is so happy she did.  As her home in Glenwood started to need a lot of upkeep and work done to it, and Lisa was traveling the 8 hours to help her, Lisa and her siblings started to look at other options.  Lisa said her mom was not the one needing care or assistance, as she was independent, but it was her house that was needing a lot of attention.

We are delighted to announce Jennifer Bauer has rejoined our organization as Chief Operating Officer as of April 5, 2021. With over 20 years of experience working with people of all ages who experience a range of disabilities, she will oversee OV’s Disability Services

Early diagnosis and therapy make all the difference in the world for kids with Autism and their families.

Our organization began as a vision. An idea that the lives of people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Brain Injuries deserved to be so much more than what most of society in the 1970s and before thought them to be capable of.  Our founders believed in the right to live with opportunities for dignity for all people with disabilities.

Read the latest issue of our One Vision Newsletter--wherever you are! We are excited to announce our 8th Annual J. Brooks Walk-A-Block for Autism Awareness is back this April. Learn about our OV award winners and new staff, PLUS we will be having a big celebration this fall!

One Vision's Virtual Fall Fundraiser 2020

Fall update from One Vision's CEO Mark Dodd

Gardening brings joy and tasty eats


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