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Negotiations End for Possible Partnership with Exceptional Persons, Inc.

One Vision and Exceptional Persons, Inc. have concluded that at this time it is not in the best interest of the organizations, their constituents, or the advancement of their missions to create a partnership.

Throughout the negotiations we have been impressed by each other's values, mission, openness, and dedication to enrich people's lives with services for people with disabilities.

While we will not be moving forward with the partnership, we will remain in communication, and continue to work together toward a brighter future for people with disabilities and other conditions.

"This is clearly not the outcome we were anticipating but the process of a thorough assessment of our organization has provided valuable insight," said Mark Dodd, One Vision interim CEO.  He continued, "We will use the insight we have gained to continue building a solid organization.  We remain committed to our most pressing issues of workforce development and creating sustainable sources of revenue.  We hold on to our vision to inspire meaningful lives by connecting people with purpose."