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OV achieves CQL Accreditation

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“As my colleague Peg Ezell and I quickly discovered through our collaboration with One Vision during their Quality Assurances Accreditation, it was evident that they have a sincere dedication to supporting people receiving their services in achieving individual hopes and dreams.” 

—Laurie Kelley, CQL Quality Enhancement Specialist

From our first day, One Vision has been dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of each person. The Basic Assurances® and Personal Outcome Measures® guide One Vision to discover what meaningful lives mean for people, as determined by each person. These tools help the organization bring to light areas that show potential for growth. Cultivating a culture of constant conversation, supports can then be built around those hopes and dreams. People work hand-in-hand with their team to live their best lives.

“I liked my Personal Outcome Measures® interview. I show my goals to staff and my guardian. I’m planning my own life,” said Laurie K.

CQL has a wealth of resources, innovative ideas, and supports to guide One Vision towards organizational growth. CQL will challenge and support us to continue to find those systems and practices that need enhancement to improve services for people. They will also celebrate with us in the accomplishments that are achieved.