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Fieldhouse Creates Opportunities for Those Seeking Meaningful Jobs

People supported by One Vision are discovering meaningful employment thanks to new jobs created through the opening of Fieldhouse restaurant in Clear Lake — jobs that extend outside the restaurant itself.

Fieldhouse, OV’s fourth retail business, opened in June. Located in downtown Clear Lake, the restaurant — which offers a fresh, farm-to-table experience for diners and is designed to highlight area small-harvest farmers — will help reduce One Vision’s reliance on Medicaid funding and provide job opportunities for people supported by the organization.

Many individiuals are taking advantage of these created opportunities.

Christine Golden and Diane Michaelis have both become part of Fieldhouse’s kitchen crew, working alongside Chef Ryan Wagner and his team as dishwashers. Their positions are two of several that will provide excellent skills training to prepare them for potential jobs elsewhere.

Additionally, a crew of two individuals spend four mornings each week cleaning the restaurant. The opening of Fieldhouse also created the need for a laundering service to clean napkins, aprons, and other linens. This service opened more opportunities for people to work in areas outside of Fieldhouse, while still directly benefiting the restaurant and its business.

The laundering service also has the potential to reach businesses beyond Fieldhouse, said One Vision Chief Development Officer Michael Mahaffey. “We’ve had at least one other business approach us to see if we would be interested in laundering their gloves,” he said. “This creates even more opportunties for jobs.”

Finally, Fieldhouse’s opening creates increased demand from One Vision Green Production, ensuring jobs for at least seven individuals employed there.

“From picking to cleaning to packaging the vegetables, these individuals all play a role in getting food on the table,” said Green Production Supervisor Jim Jackson.