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Growing Good: John’s love of gardening reaps many tasty returns

John loves spending time in his garden and his efforts have grown into a bounty of healthy meals he harvests and prepares for his housemates. For John, gardening reminds him of his family’s garden that he tended with his sisters when he was younger. 

“He’s an awesome gardener,” says Deb Berg, Direct Support Professional. “John only needs a little bit of support. He really likes to stay busy.”

From a mix of seeds and starter plants, John has tended to his garden every day and the beans, peas, tomatoes, gourds and sweet corn are full and lush. For his recent birthday, John shredded, then baked fresh zucchini cake (with frosting and sprinkles, of course!).

Thanks to Adam Heflin, who built the raised garden beds for his Eagle Scout project,
John is able to reap the tasty rewards of his green thumb.