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Why is early diagnosis and therapy essential?

One Vision's Children's Autism Center continues to provide therapy during covid, Spring 2021

Early diagnosis and therapy make all the difference in the world for kids with Autism and their families.

One Vision’s Children’s Autism Center (CAC) provides valuable, life-changing skills to children on the Autism spectrum—skills that open up their world and allows loved ones to share in theirs.

Faith Lau’s two sons, Orion, 5, and Kaiden, 4, have been receiving services at the CAC for several years. “Being able to get in services right away, before school was a huge help. When they entered preschool each boy had a game plan with family, CAC and teachers so we were all on the same page,” Faith explains.

“Before they started therapy at the CAC they wouldn’t play with each other, but now they play together all the time, and with their friends that they now have.”

This past year, in addition to all the challenges COVID has brought to our lives, the Lau family has navigated the ebb and flow of therapy availability at the CAC. Before telehealth services were set up in Spring of 2020, missing weeks of therapy meant social regression and relearning skills. But thanks to grant funding and donations for the CAC, telehealth has helped bridge the gap.

“Orion wanted to show Jayden (his therapist) everything in our house,” Faith laughed. In spite of all the challenges, Orion and Kaiden continue to grow and learn new skills and interact with their world in new ways every day. Community supports and events are essential for the CAC to thrive and continue.

Please join us at the Walk-A-Block on April 18, 2021 so kids like Orion and Kaiden can continue to receive services.