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Life’s Full Circle

Elaine and Lisa Beiber relax in Elaine's new apartment at our TimberCrest Apartments in Clear Lake, Iowa

Lisa Bieber’s mom, Elaine, never thought she would move from Glenwood, IA, where she had lived for 60 years to Clear Lake—especially during a pandemic, but she did.  Lisa is a Clear Lake resident who has a brother-in-law who receives services at One Vision.  Lisa’s in-laws, Connie and Rae Bieber, were two of the original founders of the then Handicap Village. 

Lisa was on OV’s Board of Directors at the time that One Vision was needing to decide what to do with the campus as everyone we provided Services to were moving into smaller community homes.  All community input sessions and feasibility studies pointed to Senior Community Living.  Little did she know that a few years later her mom would be moving into one of the apartments she helped to move forward. 

Elaine says she never dreamed about moving to Clear Lake, but now is so happy she did.  As her home in Glenwood started to need a lot of upkeep and work done to it, and Lisa was traveling the 8 hours to help her, Lisa and her siblings started to look at other options.  Lisa said her mom was not the one needing care or assistance, as she was independent, but it was her house that was needing a lot of attention.  

 One weekend when Elaine was visiting Clear Lake, Lisa suggested they attend an Open House at TimberCrest as she wanted to see the finished product of something she helped to make happen.  It was during that Open House that Elaine made the decision to move and she hasn’t looked back.  She said her house sold in two weeks and Kim, TimberCrest’s property manager, has been amazing to work with: “She (Kim) goes above and beyond to make the transition smooth and truly a home for everyone.”  Elaine loves her new home and all the friends she has made.  

Since moving, Lisa said her mom is more busy than she is.  She has tried so many things that she may have never tried before, such as pickleball, new food activities,  and her favorite—Cornhole. Who would have known?  “It’s amazing to see this Senior Community living concept go from a blueprint, and an opportunity to fill a void in the Clear Lake community and provide revenue to the nonprofit One Vision to a beautiful apartment my mom LOVES!” explains Lisa.  It gives her and her mom peace of mind that Elaine is happy, has friends, her needs are met and now they can see each other way more often.   

For a tour contact Kim Boyd,  or call 641-355-1203.