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One Vision announces Host Home Program

Customized Support for Individual Needs

Michael Bender currently lives in his own apartment with his cat, Pumpkin. Michael has led a fairly independent adult life after learning coping skills to manage the side effects from a traumatic brain injury he suffered at age 9. It’s for people like Michael who are self-sufficient, but would benefit from greater social connection that One Vision in October officially launched our Host Home program as another model of 24-hour service available for the people we support. We are currently accepting applications for Host Home Providers. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in becoming a Host Home Provider, we encourage you to click here for more information.

Natural flow of life

Host Home Providers enjoy the natural flow of home life in place of the stress and constraints of a rigid work schedule. People are able to enter into deeper relationships with those they serve, sharing life’s celebrations and everyday moments.

Family friendly and Lifestyle enriching

One Vision Host Homes are perfect for families who enjoy a stay-at-home lifestyle and fits in easily with raising children. For singles, it offers flexibility to also pursue other interests such as art and hobbies or other home business opportunities that do not interfere with provider duties.

Host Homes begin with a highly personalized matching process.  We carefully select our Host Home Providers to ensure they have the skills needed to support the individuals we serve.  In partnership with our Host Home Providers, the individuals, and their families we develop Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) and continually adjust service plans as individuals reach new goals or their needs change.

You can learn more about Michael’s story here.

To learn more about One Vision’s Host Home Program or to apply, contact Heather Curtis, Lead Quality Auditor at 641.355.1248.