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Why become a One Vision Host Home?

When compared to other service models, there are significant improvements noted in the ratings of independence and choice, community involvement, communication around services, health and nutrition, and engagement in the planning process for those who received host home services.

Personal Outcome Measures averaged nearly 10% higher across the majority of measures for people living in a host home versus those living in a 24-hour staffed setting according to industry surveys.

The largest effects host homes have are found in the increased social capital—the value added to our life by social networks. Social capital comprises: 

  •  Bonding via personal relationships: 
    – people have intimate relationships, participate in community life, have friends, are connected to natural supports, are respected. 
  • Bridging community relationships 
    – people live in integrated environments, interact with other members of the community, perform different social roles.

Tax-Free income for Host Home Providers 

The income you receive as an independent contractor is 100% tax free. 

Natural flow of life

Host Home Providers enjoy the natural flow of home life in place of the stress and constraints of a rigid work schedule. People are able to enter into deeper relationships with those they serve, sharing life’s celebrations and everyday moments.


Host Home Providers create stable, consistent relationships in their lives and the lives of those they serve. The industry average of service is just under 5 years, with many trending for more than 10 years as more states enact host home protocol for individuals.

Family friendly and Lifestyle enriching

One Vision Host Homes are perfect for families who enjoy a stay-at-home lifestyle and fits in easily with raising children. For singles, it offers flexibility to also pursue other interests such as art and hobbies or other home business opportunities that do not interfere with provider duties.

To learn more about One Vision’s Host Home Program or to become an independent contractor, contact Heather Curtis, Admissions and Customer Care Facilitator at 641.355.1248 or