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One Vision Employment Solutions

Work gives us purpose, income, and independence. Employment helps connect us with purpose by giving us an opportunity to actively participate in our communities by serving others and learning new skills.

One Vision Employment Solutions supports individuals with disabilities and other needs in finding community-based jobs in businesses of their choosing. To do this, we get to know a person outside of work, assess their interests, skills, and goals, look at their home environment, find out when and where they are at their best. We then offer individualized training to improve skills as well as the opportunity to learn about different types of work by visiting businesses or trying out a job for 10 days.

In turn, businesses gain dependable, qualified employees, a specialized work force, and the ability to help foster independence and purpose in the lives of others.

For more information about employment services offered by One Vision, e-mail us to begin the process or call 641-357-5277.