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Spiritual Life | Clear Lake, Iowa | One Vision

Pizza & Praise

Spiritual Life

One Vision's Spiritual Life program supports the individuals we serve who want a deeper connection in their lives.

Whether it's helping people find worship services in their community, rejoicing together in sing-alongs of favorite hymns with friends, or attending One Vision's Spiritual Life activities, this program provides connection and solace for the people we support.

One Vision's Spiritual Life Coordinator, Jason Peterson, serves as liaison with area pastors to aid individuals in becoming part of worship communities and offers comfort and spiritual strength to people we support, as well as their families, when needed. He also communicates with staff, encourages them to ask and discern the spiritual needs of the people they support. 

  • Spiritual Life retreats are held twice a year to bring individuals together for praise, contemplation, and service projects.
  • Pizza & Praise nights are held the first Tuesday of each month at Evangelical Free Church in Clear Lake, IA. RSVP here

Local congregations are encouraged to welcome individuals to your house of worship. Jason would be glad to connect with you or your organization to discuss ways you can include people we support in your activities.

This service of One Vision is completely funded by private donations. Gifts to this fund will help sustain our Spiritual Life program.

Volunteers are also welcome as many hands are needed to help with Spiritual Life groups in various communities, at retreats, or as guest speakers.

For more information about our Spiritual Life program, e-mail Jason Peterson or call him at (641) 355-1336.