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Who We Are | Iowa | One Vision

One Vision is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides services to more than 550 individuals so they may achieve greater independence through personal choice and community involvement. Connecting people with purpose is the essence of what we do. This includes helping individuals find jobs in their communities, supporting them in homes that meet their needs and wants, and encouraging them to pursue personal interests. 

One Vision was founded in 1971 as Handicap Village. In 1994, we adopted the name Opportunity Village to better represent who we were. Today, our realm of services has evolved to include community-based personal and employment support for individuals with disabilities; the Children’s Autism Centers in Clear Lake and Fort Dodge; and many retail businesses that provide revenue for our organization and job opportunities for people we support.

Today, our organization provides services in 30 Iowa communities including Clear Lake, Mason City, Fort Dodge, Eagle Grove and Humboldt.

In 2017, we became One Vision. Our name symbolizes how our founders came together with a common vision that still helps guide our efforts today — to connect people with purpose. It unifies our organization throughout the numerous North Iowa communities in which we provide services. The name also reinforces this vision in the many new services and unique endeavors we did and continue to pursue. Above all, it strongly represents our commitment to the people we support as the driving force behind everything we do.

One Vision continues to honor the Christian principles on which the Village was founded — that all people are created in God's image and worthy of respect.

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