Our Vision

To inspire meaningful lives by connecting people with purpose.

Our Mission

The One Vision community supports individual choice by providing services that lead to greater purpose and independence.

Our Values


We continue to honor the Christian principles on which our organization was founded, that all individuals are created in God's image and worthy of respect.


Supported individuals are encouraged to make choices and set goals consistent with his or her needs, wants, and desires. We respect these choices and regard them as rights.


Staff, families, and the broader community are unified in support of individual needs and choices.


The One Vision community treats everyone with love, respect, and patience.


We encourage freedom of choice by offering diverse and flexible services. The needs and goals of individuals supported shape the services provided.


We provide professional services, working collaboratively with individuals and their families to support choices, needs, and goals.


We advocate for individuals we support, and encourage them to self-advocate to ensure needs, wants, and goals are met.


We are good stewards of the public trust to ensure long-term viability of One Vision.


We value simplicity over excessive policy and bureaucracy.


Timeline | Clear Lake, Iowa | One Vision
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